Most Probable problems @2017 – part 1

  1. Compare O-O bond length in H2O2 and F2O2?
  2. Which is more acidic-
  3. propane or cyclopropane?
  4. Arrange them in order of heat of neutralisation-      (A) HF & NaOH                (B) HCl & NaOH          (C) CH3COOH & NaOH              (D) H2C2O& NaOH      (E) H2SO4  & Ca(OH)2
  5. Compare bond angle in F2O and F2O2.
  6. Compare bond energy: F2 , Cl, Br, I2
  7. Compare size: H, F, Cl, Br, I
  8. Compare size: H+(aq),  Li+(aq), Na+(aq), K+(aq), Rb+(aq), Cs+(aq)
  9. Compare molar conductivity (ionic mobility or transport number):      HCl , LiCl , NaCl , KCl, RbCl
  10. The standard enthalpy of formation for liquid water is  -285.8 KJ/mol.
    (i) Which of the following could be the standard enthalpy of formation of water vapor?

(A) -480.7 KJ/mol                  (B) -285.8 KJ/mol

(C) -241.8 KJ/mol                  (D) +224.6 KJ/mol

(ii) Also, find enthalpy of formation of OH-(aq).



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