Order of covalent character: SF2, SF4, SF6

OK, here is the deal. Let’s follow a reverse process-

What is order of ionic character in following:

(a) O2, O3

you must say after thinking that ionic character is: O2 < O3 , thats right

(b) I2, Cl2 , ICl

Now again you guessed right, Ionic character is: I2=Cl2 < ICl

(c) CO, CO2

now ionic character: CO > CO2

(d) SO2, SO3

Once again, you scored good, SO2 > SO3

*NOW, you know how you decided all these –

Yeah, On the basis of polarity (dipole moment)

One more,

(e) Naphthalene , azulene

yeah, Naphthalene is polar, whereas azulene exists as zwitter -ion (diopolar ion)

So Azulene is more ionic

NOW, Let’s be Clear

Fajan Rule is for covalent character in ionic compounds.

For Clearly Covalent molecules, Ionic character is proportional to Dipole moment or polarity . here FAJAN’s rule or concept of polarisation does not hold.

So now, As You know SF6 is non-polar &

SF2 is more polar than SF4

So ionic character would be: SF2 < SF4 < SF6

& Covalent chracter would be reverse-

SF2 > SF4 > SF6


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