honour by adorning with a laurel or presenting with an award.
“they banish our anger forever when they laurel the graves of our dead”


contribute extra features to (someone or something) in such a way as to improve or emphasize their qualities.
“a classic blazer complements a look that’s smart or casual”
“this mouth-watering sauce complements the dessert beautifully”
“the proposals complement the incentives already available”


a polite expression of praise or admiration.
“Nikisha paid me an enormous compliment”
politely congratulate or praise (someone) for something.
“Sahaj complimented Ipsita on her appearance”


  1. stick fast to (a surface or substance).
    “paint won’t adhere well to a greasy surface”
  2. believe in and follow the practices of.
    “I do not adhere to any organized religion”

side by side

“on we jogged, side by side, for a mile”

“they cycled along side by side


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